When you think of cutting-edge financial technology, Nairobi probably isn’t the first city to come to mind.


It should be.  

Kenyans pay for just about everything using their mobile phone. It’s home to the world’s most successful mobile payment system. More than a quarter of the country’s income passes through cell phones–paying for everything from taxi rides to water bills.


Kenya is at a tipping point. The rapid growth of internet access and mobile phones in the country, economic and entrepreneurial history, and a network of informal innovators, have enabled these systems to bloom.


Our 10-day journey to Kenya will explore the history, opportunities and challenges of the country’s mobile money movement. We’ll also work to understand how the Kenyan success translates to the rest of the world. This 9-night, all-inclusive trip will be based in Nairobi, where we will meet with local innovators, small businesses, experts, and everyone in-between. After we conduct field research around the city, we will head out of Nairobi to visit smaller towns and see the local impact of mobile money nationwide.


As part of our mid-trip excursion, we’ll visit a safari retreat in the Masai Mara, which coincides with the tail end of the annual Great Migration. We will return to Nairobi to finish our team project and publish our own ideas about the future of money.


If you are over 21, and want to travel differently, join us. If you want to explore your interest in technology, business, international development, design, research or startups, we want to travel with you. If you want to contribute something meaningful and join a team and community of global innovators, you’ve found the perfect opportunity.

Dates: September 27-October 7th, 2016

Open to travelers and small groups over 21 years of age.

Idea Trips are for travelers looking for what’s next.

It’s the experience of a lifetime, and the next evolution

in purpose-driven travel and tours.


Are you tired of the typical tour? Do you want to travel with purpose and impact? Do you want an experience that will change the way you see the world?


Idea Trips are a new way for travelers of any age to see the world. Our structured, project-based trips aren’t tours or typical service trips. These trips are real world engagements to explore global themes and inspire new ideas.


We take years of expertise in travel logistics (not as tour guides, but as global researchers and project partners) and combine this with our passion and interest for what’s next. We design the most innovative itineraries for our groups. Our style of travel is authentic, personal, inspirational, and forward thinking.


From dinners with local friends (at the best, often hidden spots in town) to meetings with local leaders (who are part of our global community) and our custom field-research activities ,we carefully plan our trip to immerse our travel team in the trip project. Along the way new ideas are born.


The team behind Atlas Workshops has been leading innovative travel since 2009. From field courses with leading universities to social impact trips with creative nonprofits, our team has inspired new ways of thinking through our travels. Atlas Workshops evolved out of a real world global design group. While we continue to lead design research trips for companies, startups, and non-profits we are now offering our idea trips for travelers looking for something new.


Idea Trips are for travelers who want to get behind the pages of current events, who want to play an active role in global change, and who want to connect to like-minded travel team members and leaders around the world.

Are you tired of being a tourist? Develop new ideas with us!

The Project

On every trip, our travelers join in a real world project challenge.

The Inspiration

Every trip inspires our travelers to see the world differently.

The Network

Our travelers become a part of a global network of leaders seeking global innovation.

Follow Along


  • What's Included

    • Full Program Content and Project on the Future of Money
    • Daily Field Visits and Exploration for the trip Project
    • Meetings with Mobile Money Experts and Local Innovators
    • Trip Leaders/Experts (No tour guides here, this isn’t a tour)
    • Facilitated Brainstorming & Design Thinking Sessions
    • Hand-on field research experience and support
    • 9 night stay in handpicked, Luxury Kenyan hotels and safari camps (shared Rooms)
    • Multi-Day Safari in the Masai Mara
    • Three daily meals and local snacks from some of our favorite spots around the city
    • Dinners with leading Kenyan Changemakers
    • Project Deliverable Costs/Trip Publications
    • Risk-Management Expertise and Planning for the Trip
    • All Ground Transportation (Including Atlas Airport Pick-Up)

Program Cost:


  • Extras

    • Airfare (We can help book this too)
    • Kenyan Visitor Visa (Available on Arrival for US Citizens)
    • Single Supplement
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Travel Insurance and Cancel for Any Reason Coverage
    • International SOS Enrollment
    • Trip Extensions (Additional Safari Perhaps?)

10-days in Kenya. A New Perspective on the Wold.

New Innovations. A New Network.

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Adam White is the founder of Atlas Workshops and has been working in Kenya since 2010. He will be one of the leaders of the Future of Money Trip.

Adam White

Founder and Trip Leader

Mark Kamau is a thought leader on innovation and design in Africa. Mark is a proud Kenya creator who has led innovative research and design projects across the country, region, and world. He currently serves as the Design Lead for BRCK.

Mark Kamau

Trip Adviser

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for travelers young and old who are interested in meaningful travel. You don’t need any background in this style of travel, but you should be genuinely interested in the project. You don’t need to have experience in Kenya — part of the fun will come from exploring a new place (or the same place differently) with your travel team.

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